A Word Picture

Aloha everyone! Perhaps you’ve wondered or dreamed about being on Kauai. I wanted to paint a picture, a word picture, if you will, of a somewhat typical day here on Kauai. So picture this: I’m standing on the edge of the inside reef at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore of Kauai looking out at…


Social Media

As much as I don’t like devoting too much time to social media, I see the value in letting people know about me here on Kauai. No offense, but I have always been a “Lets go surf Tunnels” or go for a helicopter ride kind of person. And would much prefer actually doing things to…


They Are Here!!

Picture yourself in my car driving down the hill and on to the coast highway. As we are coming up on the turn you can look out and see the big blue ocean, the azure waters shimmering with light. In a quick flash we see a whale spout go off right in front of us…



Down the Napali Coast

Well we did it; we finally, as husband and wife, kayaked down the Napali Coast together. It was thrilling to say the least. We survived the shore break landings and the near death Launch at Kalalau with 4 foot shore break . But what made it worth while were the 3 sunset nights we spent…



A New Heart

Aloha everyone. Just wanted to share a heart warming story with you here on Kaua’i. Recently I just photographed a couple who made it to Kauai. They were about a year late though. This couple wanted to come to Kauai to get married as many do, but had some life altering news at the last…



Kauai Interior

Aloha from Kauai! Well one thing that’s alluring about Kauai—aside from its beauty, charm, and sometimes enchanting ruggedness—is its ability to entice you with pristine, shimmering landscapes and then come back and send a flash flood right on your head. Sorry to say this, but Kauai is not for the fainthearted. Kauai, because of its…


Latest Review from Yelp

Aloha everyone. Here’s another great review, hopefully helpful from Yelp 8/5/2013 My husband and I were just in Kauai and renewed our wedding vows, thanks to Kent at Coconut Coast! Everything was just amazing! We just received our photo CD a little less than 4 weeks after our ceremony and they are just gorgeous! Kent…


Weddings Today

Aloha everyone! Here’s a link to my photostream.

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