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Aloha everyone. Just wanted to share our latest Yelp Review Perfect!  We wanted a simple ceremony, just the two of us, New Year’s Day on a beach in Kauai — Kent set everything up and it was completely amazing.  He helped us choose a location (we’d never been there before) that would be gorgeous and…


Stay Humble

Welcome to Kauai and enjoy yourself, but… one of the things that Kauai has taught me is to     ” Stay Humble”.  When you visit Kauai and the air is fresh with the smell of plumeria, or my new found even sweeter smelling flower called Tanga Tabu, one feels like dancing the Tarantella!  The trade winds blow softly…


Location, Location, Location

The other day I set out to the North for a wedding here on Kauai. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. To add insult to injury, I had a blowout on my back drivers side tire; I got to change it in the rain. fun!! Despite all this I somehow felt a great peace fall…



Another Yelp Review

Aloha Beautiful World. I wanted to post another Yelp Review for you to look at. Thanks for reading My husband and I got married in Kauai on October 24, 2014. Our Wedding Planner found information on Kent and his business in April 2014. Knowing that we wanted a simple ceremony on the beach and a…


Love is the Glue

  Aloha everyone and Happy New Year!! I want to thank everyone in 2014 for making it a beautiful year filled with love and commitment and even re- commitment. As I returned from visiting our first grandson in Alaska and going through the airports and seeing the rest of the world during the holidays, I took…


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The Amazing Coconut

Aloha World! As I continue to look into all the amazing qualities of the Hawaiian islands, I paused to consider the coconut. The Coconut, coco nucifera, has become the center stage for a myriad of uses in today’s world. My daughter started having some health issues recently due to a broken vertebrae from performing in gymnastics.…


The Beautiful Details of Kauai

Aloha World! From the minute you step off your plane on Kauai, you feel the balmy air and the whiff of plumeria or jasmine lingering nearby. The other day I was coming out of the bank and I caught a whiff of roasted Kona coffee beans piercing the air from Kava Kai coffee house. I had…


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Another Review from Yelp

Here is the story from Kristie shared on Yelp. Enjoy! The beautiful island of Kauai was my first choice for an intimate destination wedding. I had always dreamed of a quaint beach-side wedding with only a handful of guests to witness the occasion. Soon after our engagement, my adventurous spirit became caught up in something…


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Love is Rock Solid

Aloha world! I’m coming to the conclusion that it never gets boring here on Kauai. The mountains are solid and unchanging, but every single day the weather morphs and collides with the giant beastly cliffs revealing their seemingly new personalities. The mountains are like love.The highest level of love. The rock solid, “I’ll never leave you and…


New Review from Yelp

For those of you not familiar with the way Yelp works, they often do not release reviews from people who aren’t frequent contributors. I’d like to share one such review here so you can see what some of my brides and grooms have to say. “My wife and I renewed our vows in Kauai, after…