iPhone Diary

Aloha everyone in the world! I had a recent discovery about my iPhone. I was out and about on Kauai snapping a few rainbow pics because I didn’t have my camera. I’m so grateful for my phone, but I finally came to the limit of images I had on it: some 600 pics. That night…


Social Media

As much as I don’t like devoting too much time to social media, I see the value in letting people know about me here on Kauai. No offense, but I have always been a “Lets go surf Tunnels” or go for a helicopter ride kind of person. And would much prefer actually doing things to…


Weddings Today

Aloha everyone! Here’s a link to my photostream.

Enjoy the show, and if you like what you see, drop a line. I’d love to hear from you. Like my business Facebook and I’ll give you a free personal tour of the outside reef at Tunnels. Blessings everyone!




Valentines Day

Aloha and happy belated Valentines day. I hope you all had a loved-filled day. I’m sure you were busy like myself getting the flowers and chocolates and maybe dinner to cap the day. I know some of you filled your bed with rose petals or had maybe 3 dozen roses adding a new dozen each…

Kauai 2012-2754

A Look Forward

Aloha everyone! 2013 is here and your making plans to come see us here on Kauai? you should. I have heard several couples say, they were coming to Kauai for vacation but decided to add getting married to their funlist. The state has made it fairly simple to do, so why not. “Lets do this!”…


A Look Back 5 Years

Aloha everyone. I just had a blast looking back in my archive for the last 5 years finding romantic images perhaps worthy of a second look. I hope you like them. I love the landscapes of Kauai mixed with what could be the most romantic day of one’s life. Here’s the link to the collection…


Fun in the Sun 2012

Aloha from Kauai I’m Kent, the owner/photographer. I have to say that in all my years photographing weddings, here on Kauai this year has been the most fulfilling. I have photographed maybe close to a thousand weddings over the coarse of 20 years. Some big, some small, but here on Kauai, for an hour at…


No Bad Days

I sometimes laugh with people about having a bad day here on Kauai. I mean what can really go wrong? What, you get stuck in the traffic on the way to the beach? or get stuck in line buying a coconut water? Ha ha. No one will listen to me if I complain. Sure there’s…